Tenant Screening
Owning or managing a property can be a tough task, fortunately SimpleScreening.com is here to make the process a bit more Simple by providing instant online tenant screening and instant credit reports. If you manage one or a hundred properties, SimpleScreening.com is here to help you develop the screening program that is best suites your tenant screening requirements.

By incorporating a comprehensive tenant screening program to your leasing process will provide property managers and landlords the ability to identify and eliminate individuals with unfavorable rental behavior INSTANTLY! Best of all, your residents will feel safer knowing that their entire community underwent the same screening process.

As a SimpleScreening.com client, you have the ability to instantly uncover the following information about an applicant.

  • Instant Tenant Credit Report $14.95
  • Instant 50 State Eviction Report $6.95
  • Applicant Fraud Detection $6.95
  • State Criminal Search $14.95
  • Multi-State Criminal Search $19.95
  • Prior Address History Verification $4.95
  • SSN Trace & Verification $4.95
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SimpleScreening.com instant online services are available 24 hours per day, 7 days per week allowing leasing agents to get critical answers instantly! Sign up now to start your screening program today.

If you have questions or would like to speak to a customer service representative, simply contact us at info@simplescreening.com or contact our office at TEL:877-229-9900, 8AM - 5PM Mon-Fri PST.